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  Follow These 5 Tips to Test Whether You Are Successfully Engaging Your Customers  
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  Discover the Video Content Your Competition is Using to Engage Customers  
  Creating Integrated a Communications Lifecycle that Engages Your Customer  
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  Discover the Video Content Your Competition is Using to Engage Customers  

Typically, marketing agencies benefit by using tools that allow them to see what the competition of their client are up to. From the results they find, they will then create their own campaign. It saves them time as they can use what’s already proving to be working (or not working) within the industry.

You now can take advantage of tools available to you and find this information out for yourself. Whether your company is small or medium in size, you will find these tools to compare vide marketing campaigns extremely helpful. You can download the results into an Excel spreadsheet for ease of use. Never has it been easier to see how your competition is engaging customers with videos.

Rivalfox hit the market in 2013 and it offers on demand competitor analysis using an algorithm that collects the results from hundreds of different competitor KPIs. It collects information from all the social media venues in real time. You can engage in the pure statistics to measure the success of your competitions video campaign or you can invest in user testing to really understand what your customers are saying about the competitions website and the videos posted. You get a 14 day trial period and than the cost ranges from $49 to $299 depending on the number of users. 

Unruly is another software tool that you can turn to. You will find larger companies like Adidas, HSBC or Evian use Unruly. Clients are use analytics from owned, earned, and paid media using Unruly Analytics. You can use the Benchmark Edition or the Campaign Edition. With the latter, you can assess the performance of each campaign and measure the success of these campaigns at engaging customers. You can also look at your own videos and KPIs along with the competitions. You create the parameters that will measure success. You also choose if you want to bundle videos together. You can identify trends and look at social media avenues where the biggest effect is being seen. 

Once you have the information you need to create your marketing strategy and decide how you are going to engage your customers. This does not mean you should run out and copy what your competition has done, but it does mean you can find things that work and you will be able to emulate the success of your competition. 

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